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Sirena Von Boo, daughter of a mermaid and a ghost

Hi, I'm Sirena Von Boo, I’m super curious, so I love to treasure hunt in the sea and go to antique stores on land. Read my character bio to learn more about me and my fab Monster High ghouls!

Elissabat, daughter of a vampire

Hey there, I'm Elissabat. I love inhabiting characters, so acting in screamplays is my fave activity at Monster High. Get to know me and my fab friends in our student bios!

Clawd Wolf™

Hi, my name is Clawd Wolf and you probably know my sister Clawdeen, one of the other Monster High characters. I think football and casketball are creeperific, and I love being cheered on by my bulldog Rockseena and the Monster High students!

Heath Burns™

I'm Heath Burns and I'm the hottest thing at Monster High! So, if you can stand the heat, come check me out at Monster High!

Nefera de Nile™

Hello, I'm Nefera de Nile, the most timelessly beautiful of the Monster High students, as you'll see in student bios for my younger sister Cleo de Nile and her friends.

Clawdia Wolf, daughter of a wolfman

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