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Royal Caribbean, Sandals, Building, Royals, Royalty, Shoes Sandals, Buildings, Sandal, Civil Engineering

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Royal Caribbean, Sandals, Beautiful, Royals, Royalty, Shoes Sandals, Sandal, Royal Families

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Royal Caribbean, Royals, Royalty, Royal Families

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Royal Caribbean, Royals, Royalty, Royal Families

The moment you step through the impressive portals of Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica, you know that you have entered a long-forgotten era of gentility, elegance and old-world, British Colonial splendor. Feel your modern-day cares dissolve as you experience the sumptuous, impeccable service that declare this place to be a throwback to an age of remarkable luxury and unimaginable romance. Sandals is the place for Adults who demand quality inclusions, no other resorts on the planet offer so…

This island is just off the resort. I went so long ago it there was no building, it was uninhabited, reached by a paddleboat. The resort is beautiful. I believe it was the original sandals resort.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island - Montego Bay - Jamaica

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Great for your wedding

Find Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaican resort packages and deals in Montego Bay, an all inclusive resort offering swim-up suites and a private island.