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Best valentine ever

Music of Annie's Song by Weezer (Original Music by John Denver)

Found Buddy Holly by Weezer with Shazam, have a listen:

Weezer - "My Name is Jonas" Yes, I did name my son Jonas because of this amazing band and song.

weezer: - newly minted Harvard Lampoon initiates at large on the streets of Cambridge ”

Funny-memes-only-movie-archer-to-run-out-of-arrows.jpg (620×446)

The only movie archer to ever run out of arrows. And only after a ridiculously long amount of time I might add. <<< did you see his quiver (is that what it's called? The holdy-arrow thing) though? It had a ridiculous number of arrows

The Lumineers

The Lumineers- Ho Hey. love the song. Every now and again a song comes along and you just gotta listen to it until you don't have the desire to listen to it every time it comes on a radio station.

Pixies. perfection!

Influential alt-rockers, Pixies, released a new single last Wednesday

Boris Vian (1920–1959) was a French polymath: writer, poet, musician, singer, translator, critic, actor, inventor and engineer. He is best remembered today for his novels.

Boris Vian was a French polymath: writer, poet, musician, singer…

Mumford & Sons - 2010/09/30 - Cirque royal - Bruxelles :D :D

For Sale a Mumford and Sons Poster Collection Mumford and Sons Poster Sigh No MorMumford and Sons Poster Babel Mumford and Sons Poster Babel Promo Flyer to advertise a Mumford and Sons Concert a…

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