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Ohmygosh how can I be so many different things at once. Am I really an ice queen or a bully?

I'm Aries and Pisces. punk- aries popular- arifish player-pisces jock- aries supportive bff- pisces bully- aries party animal- arifish rapper- aries hippie- pisces weird kid- pisces artsy- pisces smokes in backyard- aries

your zodiac sign as|| As a Sagittarius I am happy to be a villain and blow things up.

I'm an Aquarius. Now to decide whether to be a villian or hero.<<<<<I am a Virgo and I'd much rather be a hero, however my villain power is rather nice too. but I'll be needing my hero superpower in the mere future

Who needs to summon Satan when i am Satan?..... #Aquarius

Who needs to summon Satan when i am Satan? lol who are you I've been reposting your posts you cray Aquarius

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