Xenomorph by Den Beauvais

Xenomorph by Den Beauvais

Visit LV-426 they said... It'll be fun they said... This funny little Alien mashup fanart was so much fun, they put it on a t-shirt :) Featuring the gingerbread man as the chestburster's soon-to-be-dead host (a la Kane, from the Ridley Scott horror movie), and a gummy worm as the future xenomorph. Because who doesn't love a bit of morbid scifi humor, with their cookies and candy :)

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The uncontainable engineered xenomorph

Xenomorph Queen:

Xenomorph Queen - art by Dan Beauvais

Sigourney Weaver en “Alien el octavo pasajero” (Alien), 1979

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in Alien and Aliens .

[Megapost] Impresionantes ilustraciones de Wizyakuza - Taringa!

[Megapost] Impresionantes ilustraciones de Wizyakuza

it doesn't really make sense to reject a black predator only to accept a white predator

Xenomorph Queen

The Queen by Garrett Parrish

The+Lost+World-Jurassic_Park_movie-poster-inspired_leoarts_leonardo_paciarotti.jpg 591×1,181 pixels

The+Lost+World-Jurassic_Park_movie-poster-inspired_leoarts_leonardo_paciarotti.jpg pixels>>> I love the use of the dinosaur silhouettes and pictures in them

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