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dihydrate: “ Tsutsuji Matsuri, Nagakushiyama Park (by taromatsumura) ”

california tidepools | outsidelosangeles: Get lost in these tide pools (Portugues Bend, Palos ...

These wonderful tide pools are in the Abalone Cove Ecological Reserve off Portugues e Bend. A great tide pool is an.

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National Geographic is everybody’s last stop for beautiful wallpapers. National Geographic wallpapers have high resolution and mastery of cameramen from

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Alliums in the flower border

Allium in the shade garden. Clive Nichols Photography (The Art of Flower and Garden Photography)

Catnip (Nepata Cataria) - Edible parts: Young leaves can be eaten raw. Their mint-like flavour adds an aromatic flavouring in salads. Older leaves can be used as flavouring in cooked foods. Catnip leaves and flowers can be used fresh or dried to make a calming herbal tea. If making tea, it should be infused in a closed container in order to preserve the essential oils. Seeds and roots can also be used.

Catnip works as a sedative, lowers fevers, soothes stomach troubles and clears sinuses. Such a long list of health benefits makes catnip a useful herb to have available.