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Some of the best benefits of lavender tea include relaxing the body, reducing muscle spasms, promoting healthy digestion, aiding sleep, balancing mood, healing the skin and soothing pain, among many others || Algunos de los mejores beneficios del té de lavanda incluyen relajar el cuerpo, reducir los espasmos musculares, promover una digestión saludable, ayudar a dormir, equilibrar el estado de ánimo, curar la piel y reducir el dolor, entre muchos otros.

Chamomile tea has long been lauded for its health benefits. This delicious herbal concoction delivers antioxidants, flavonoids, amino acids and even B vitamins that aid the body in healing from a variety of conditions

After all this celebrating, we think it’s time to take it easy and switch out our cocktail with a botanical Turmeric Tonic Mockarita.

Turmeric Tonic Mockarita

Traditional Medicinals Tea offers a quality difference in wellness teas not found anywhere else. Take our Plant Personality Quiz to find out more.

Garlic and Chamomile Tea Hair Mask | How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster With These Homemade Remedies

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster With These Homemade Remedies

Chamomile tea is a mild herbal tea often used for its calming effects and for its ability to calm mild stomach upsets. However, using chamomile tea for gardening may offer surprising benefits that most people haven’t considered. Learn more here.

Herbal Sleep Teas | Natural Insomnia Remedy | Best Tea for Sleeping

Stop insomnia in its tracks with THIS tea

Mother Nature has given us natural sleep aids. Try these sleep promoting herbs to help you combat insomnia and get the rest you need.

Chamomile has been used in traditional medicine for many centuries by healers of different cultures...

PARSLEY DARK CIRCLES Parsley is a well-known herb which is often found in dishes, but it has an amazing impact outside dishes too! Parsley is known for its skin lightening properties that can help reduce [.

The Benefits of Chamomile Tea - YouTube

The Benefits of Chamomile Tea - YouTube

Chamomile Tea Benefits

Health benefits of herbal tea!-Here are some of the more common herbal teas and a taste of the benefits they can provide.

Lemons are yellowish green in color and acidic in taste, but in body they form alkaline. The alkaline property in them helps to keep balance in body by equal...

Home remedies using lemon - menstrual cramps, sore throat, and more. - THEINDIANSPOT - Page 5

Benefits of White Tea vs. Green Tea.

Calming Tea 1 1 oz Lemon balm 1 oz Chamomile flowers ½ oz St Johns Wort Steep 2 tbs of mixture in 1 cup boiled water.