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Dogs With Their Cute Mini-Mes

Dogs With Their Cute Mini-Mes

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Que gostosura

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. I have my baby boy, now I've found my baby girl.my boys would go ape shit!

As firm as I am against "purebreds," bulldog puppies make my heart go "Squee!" and my brain say, "You say 'hoarder' like it's a bad thing."

Bulldog - Calm Courageous and Friendly

This is my dog. He's pretty cute right? I need help naming him though.~Blake UPDATE: His name is Fudge.

another baby <3 http://go.jeremy974.wamiz.1.1tpe.net

another baby <3 http://go.jeremy974.wamiz.1.1tpe.net

awwwww i want him!!!!

English Bulldog TEACUP -- gave up on asking for pets a while ago but maybe just for fun i'll ask for my puppy this yr.

one corgi, two corgis, three corgis, four... five corgis, six corgis... sorry there aren't any more...

One corgi. Two corgis. Four, five corgis. Six corgis sleeping on the floor 😩

Omg wrinkles upon wrinkles upon wrinkles! I want to smooch and squish his face!...he needs a nail trim.

English Bulldog puppy ❤ So many wrinkles! Like check out those rolls!