dorquisha gurrrrl

Dorquisha the explorer. Yo, where dat map be? I literally just laughed for 10 minutes, my stomach hurts Burck you need to see this, you will die. I seriously can't stop laughing.

JLAW CAN MAKE ANYONE SMILE. EVEN KRISTEN STWERT. bahahahahahaha i just used my name in reference to a famous actress

Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome, she can make Kristen Stewart smile. I never thought I'd live to see the day.IT'S A MIRACLE!

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30 Celebs With Personal Umbrella Holders

it's so sad and pathetic but I actually laughed out bout the guy holding the umbrella. I hold the umbrella for Snoop Dogg shizzle.

I would just die of happiness! this is too much

Little Nacho…

Best costume ever! nacho libre and eskeleto! If I had kids I would have them do this costume!

haha! That is mean! But he does need to do something about that!

How long?

He PAID to copyright a saying about his eyebrows.or brow.I think it was like "Fear the Brow" or something.

I wish I had an extra finger - then I could grab more cheese balls...HoneyBooBoo Words of Wisdom

Oh honey boo boo's words of wisdom! I love Honey Boo Boo!

hahaha pretty much the exact thing I thought when I heard this line on the preview for the first time.

What a waste of time

Stingray Photobomb Recreation of the Day: Redditor emmagreen “got a bit drunk and decided to recreate the Stingray pic with my girlfriends…”

One of the funniest sting ray photobomb pics ive seen. recreating the stingray photobomb

My moms signature  @Lindsey Daley  lolz

My moms signature

Funny School Teacher Child Parent Note Picture Image Seems Legit Joke

My son is definitely doing this

His Mom Cried So Hard This Morning. He wore the same outfit on his last day of high school as his first day of preschool


Funny pictures about Cute nicknames. Oh, and cool pics about Cute nicknames. Also, Cute nicknames.

"They be all like you need pants to fly"

This still gets me every time.

"They be all like you need pants to fly".was she really trying to fly without her pants?

That last girl gets me every time.  She has just been enlightened.

This Girl's Mind Was Blown

I love the little girl's face in the fourth square. She so gets the puppy brother. This is my favorite commercial!