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Haikyuu Fukurodani

More like, "Tokyo's Local Owl Zoo, OYA's only on Camp, Accepting new Bokutositters

Please can someone just give us nationals, so that we can see this hero running. Also, to show bystanders that he's not a pathetic third year who gave his place in the line up to a first year prodigy, he's our back protection 😏


Aka: Creo que todavíano puede volar Boku: Que pasa, es estúpido o que?

Bokuaka and Kuroken (um are we not talking about the fact kuroo said "lol" outloud?)

Bokuaka and Kuroken kuro kuroo tetsouro bokuto koutaru kenma kozume hina hinata shouyo ship ships otp aww awe haikyuu hq