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Pokemon: Mewtwo and Lucario

Gardevoir, Gallade, Blaziken, Swampert, funny, comic, fighting, blushing, text, berry, couple; Pokémon

Sorry Gardevoir, it’s the rule of the internet. But luckily, Swampert is there to look after you : Yes, I purposely search those images for the sake of this comic.

94b.png (524×4119)

Buddies for Life - Pokemon Drawing Challenge


This is exactly what happened to me. I was scared to battle it because I didn't have any poke balls but then it said that it just joined my team and I screamed. And while This happened my dads friends were over so it just became weird

Same colours~

Same colours~

This is one of the saddest and sweetest pokemon fan art I have ever seen. And now I'm rethinking about me getting Tepig and no Oshawott.


Funny Mama - Eevee wants the fruit

Pokemon Go Art by Dane Cozens

Pokemon Go Art by Dane Cozens

Pokemon Go posters par Dane Cozen

Eevee with jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon

Eevee with jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon

Flareon , Jolteon Vaporeon and Eevee

A Boy and His Dratini

A Boy and His Dratini

I have a theory!: What happens if that, in the game, every time your pokemon levels up, that is actually one year and you just aged a year! That's what this seems to portray.

and then there is Charizard...

Pokemon Families and classic Charizard behavior :)

Pokemon ORAS: Primal Weather - CONFIRMED by ky-nim

Pokemon ORAS: Primal Weather by ky-nim

Glaceon in a pokeball

Glaceon pokéball (By

Pokémon Used FEELINGS! It's Super Effective!

Pokémon Used FEELINGS! It's Super Effective!

Dedicated the pansear Pepper and the simisage Old man Sage to him


Avengers and Pokemon crossover

Had a think about what Mimikkyu would look like if it imitated some other…

mimikyu forms pokemon sun and moon

E a blue/leaf saiu do inferno...

Pokemon Sun and Moon Comic: Red and Green forgot Blue.