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Optical Illusion Photography Sees Man Play Basketball With Moon If only it were volleyball...

The Whole Moon In His Hands...

art with the moon | ... of amazing poses, including slam dunking the moon and jumping over it

The Whole Moon In His Hands...

At the beach.

Catching the sun. I just viewed a site showing numerous pictures of people using the moon/sun in photographs. Their fascinating. Maybe search for Moon Shots

Catch the Moon: 100 Magnificent Moon Photos You Have Never Seen Before. I wanna take a picture like this

44 awesome forced-perspective shots every traveler needs

44 awesome forced perspective-shots every traveler needs in their photo albums

Here are some Awesome Perfectly Timed Sun Photography. The focus of these photos is the Sun and the other subjects can be versatile things or even humans.


Here, we are presenting some cool and funny optical illusions for you. What makes optical illusions so interesting is that it always leaves you perplexed and questioning about your eyesight. You keep thinking about the photograph and wondering if it is re

Si necesitas inspiración para decorar las paredes de tu casa toma nota de esta idea. #decoración #paredes

⭐️ Ideas Para Decorar Paredes ⚡ +78 Tips Sorprendentes

Great gift idea - photo quilts!

Up to 45 photos on a handmade, throw sized photo quilt. Sentimental and practical!(For Grandma)

Pinterest and instagram - @emmyyjones ❤️

Pinterest and instagram - @emmyyjones ❤️