DotA2 Heroines by Artgerm Stanley Lau

In my country they have a fucking place filled w computers and u just pay money to get in and play dota then u dip after ur time is done like holy fuck

Fantasy Girls

Fantasy Girls

Korra is my favorite, but I love Link

Some Of Your Favorite Characters // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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Sauron. Mairon

melkomelko: “ someone at Numenor: You know, our new ‘High Priest’ looks kinda like a weirdo someone else: Oh cool you just said that we needed someone to be ritually murdered before dinner today.

Brilliant Concept Art by Matthew Stewart.... OH MAN this scene is going to be so epic in the next hobbit movie!

Battle of the Five Armies (The Hobbit) Brilliant Concept Art by Matthew Stewart

Lord of the Rings Artwork Album - Album on Imgur

Lord of the Rings Artwork Album

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