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This is a bunch of sleepy birds!

This is so beautiful

little birds keeping warm


A Blue Fairy Wren and his girlfriends. I have two gorgeous little Blue Fairy Wren boys living outside my flat, and I adore them. I named them Bill and Ben :) And I named my starting business after them :)


Kittiwake nest with young birds - Kittiwakes are my favourite gull - they are the smallest and noisiest and love playing on the thermals near cliffs

xem diem thi lop 10 : http://diemthi.com.vn/xem-diem-thi-vao-lop-10/  tu vi 2015 : http://lichvansu.wap.vn/tu-vi.html

Those Legs! Cute Bar-winged Prinias, Jakarta, Indonesia by Sijanto Nature Photography drxgonfly: Cute Birds, Bar-winged Prinia (by Sijanto) wow i dont even know where to begin leg? why leg?

"Choir", by Tuan Tran on 500px

♥ The singing choir of Spring


Cordon blue finches (male has red cheeks). * * " MALE FINCH: " It's a wonderful life;" FEMALE FINCH: " Oh yeah, wunnaful. I haz to lay de eggs and feed screamin' beaks while you fly around to yer little birdie heart's content.

another world (@anotherworld010) | Твиттер

moment of passion (positivelybeautiful)


Australian Zebra Finch Couple, Male(L) & Female(R).

Paradise-flycatcher pair with chicks, Stenostiridae family


sing a song by Alonk's Roby

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A sucker for a corny joke

Forever, c'est pour les rêveurs...

typhlonectes: “A White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi) preens at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah, USA. photograph by Leslie Scopes Anderson, NWRA ”

sleeping squirrel........

sleeping squirrel........

Sleeping Koala mama & baby (soooo sweet!)

Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics

KOALA Mom and Baby Phascolarctos cinereus ©Cameron Richardson / Rex Features Boonda the six-month-old baby koala makes his public debut with his mother, Elle, in their enclosure at Sydney Wildlife World The scientific name of the koala’s genus,.

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