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::: LATIDOLL ::: - Bayer - Basic Version, 125.00 without faceup or outfit, wig, etc.

::: LATIDOLL ::: - Bayer - Basic Version, without faceup or outfit, wig, etc.

.a cute dolly with her teddy for you my sweet Vylette <3

"Lati - Yellow" / Lati is the Doll Brand - white is the tiniest, yellow littlest, color chart has to do with size.

Lati yellow Sunny - my favorite basic Lati yellow doll!

I am totally in love with this face sculpt! XD Im gonna have to add this doll to my collection wish list XD (Lati Yellow Sunny)

::: LATIDOLL :::

::: LATIDOLL :::


What Is a Ball Jointed Doll

Lati Yellow Suji tan

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