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James Potter y el mapa del merodeador - Como buenos amigos

Page 2 Read Revela tus secretos from the story James Potter y el mapa del merodeador by (J) with reads.

the marauders PUNS! and the Longbottoms are never a part of the Marauders, yet they are absolutely necessary.

The Marauders and baby Harry This kinda made me sad because it starts with Harry at age This could have happened if not for Voldemort. And then Remus is in the corner with Lily reading a book and trying not to be too amused with the scene

I love the marauders<--- i love how even after Remus is on the verge of killing Sirius he still fixes his hair ^-^

And Mareena, being like, you, you will Marry my grandniece. She is perfect for you. And letting James drive her motorcycle, Albus in her hair dye, Lilly with her Leather Jackets, Scorpius with her books. And Bella gets everything else.

Remus having serious discussions with Albus, Tonks embarrassing Teddy when Victoria is around, Mad-Eye being 'Uncle Moody' to the kids and despite his protest and annoyed look, he loves being around Lily Luna and teaches her useful hexes

but the jaw thing

Stupid pre-dating James Potter things according to Lily Evans <<< bit seriously, THE JAW THING.

head cannon accepted: James asking Sirius to be godfather. Sirius would have been an amazing father i truly believe that and imma stand by it

The Marauders - Hypothetically part 5

The Marauders - Hypothetically part 5 Haven't seen the first parts but assuming it's about remus

I will never get over the marauders!

*continues to accept headcanons in direct opposition to each other because why not*<< story of our life

I love this!!!!

Remus would only sit in the compartment he used to and then he woke up to find Harry… Oh my heart.