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"Stop this madness. In the name of the kingdom of light, I say stop!"

Assassin's Creed : Black Flag : Edward Kenway : Dual Wield - I have to say man Ezio stole my heart at first but this man.

Call Of Duty

This is an image of a marine soldier in the Call of Duty video game. This is a Black and White image and has been edited to give it a dramatic feel. There is a layer of dust and exploding rubble surrounding the soldier who is holding assault rifle.

Assassin’s Creed IV Concept Art by Eddie Bennun & Raphaël Lacoste

Assassin’s Creed IV Concept Art by Eddie Bennun & Raphaël Lacoste

Pin 8. Ik vind het boek erg spannend. Dat komt vooral (denk ik) omdat er nog best veel geweld in komt, omdat hij (de hoofdpersoon) eerst een piraat was en dus veel gevechten had op zee.

Customize your desktop with Assassin Creed 4 wallpapers with Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Theme. It contain HD wallpapers, icons and Assassin Creed IV logon screens.

black flag

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Assassins Creed perspective

Assassin's Creed Perspective

how to make assassin's creed costume - Google Search

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