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Fotografías de niños jugando. 56 fotos vintage del S. XIX y XX y 15 recientes de distintos países. Todos juegan a lo mismo, antes, ahora, aquí o allí.

Fotografías de niños jugando a lo mismo en el S.XIX y ahora

¡Verdadera confianza! Londres, 1954

Hanging around in Swansea, April vintage everyday: Children Playing – Vintage Photos of Children's Fun That Could Have Lost Today

They can sleep wherever they want☺

where else would you sleep? that must have been a really long ride ! whimsical, sweet and very cute sleeping child real wonderful life photo


A chicken cart! Benjie Bonham sent in this wonderful shot of his grandfather Josh being pulled in his wagon by a Brahma chicken in Joshua, Texas,

Dónde nació el 'hip hop... en el Bronx... en la miseria, en la alegría, en la violencia... en la calle... en la pandilla... en los 80s Ricky Flores y otros (Henry Chalfant, Stephen Shames, Martha Cooper, JP Laffont and Jamel Shabazz among others) http://loquevelacamara.blogspot.com.es/

kvetchlandia: “Martha Cooper Untitled, New York City, from the “Street Play” Series ”

Jump rope!  Did a lot of this...also double Dutch.  Wonder if that's what's wrong with my knees?   Lol

with the long skipping rope with your siblings and friends. (We had a debate over whether you skip rope or jump rope. The older of us voted for skip, the younger for jump. I decided to skip rope with my jump rope.


There is a group of teens at the park, sitting on swings and talking. Your character notices fifteen-year-old Brynn a couple swings away, swinging by herself. She appears to be with the group, but is not engaged in their conversation.

#fathersday  www.vincentsftotd.com

what a great photo.little boys who imitate men.a very important observation in life.your little man is always watching you.

“Mother and Child,” c1940 (Nell Dorr)

lauramcphee: “Jacket cover, “Mother and Child,” (Nell Dorr) ”

noia #paulolanzblogspot

children and school, some things never change. I remember when school children were seated by grade rows, where the row represented what grade you were in. Ist grade was row grade was row and so on.