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Big Hero 6: Khoa Ho

Phase 5 Of The Poster Posse’s Officially Licensed Tribute To “Big Hero Celebrates A Opening Weekend For Baymax & The Crew!

My poor heart... (he was so precious) #BigHero6 #Tadashi #Hiro <- Please don't step on the pieces of my shattered heart, you might cut yourself.

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

Bla la la la la | Les nouveaux héros & La reine des neiges

❄️Let it go❄️<<< The struggle. Choosing which board to put this on. My Big Hero 6 board or Frozen board. The struggle. / Elsa and Baymax in Elsa's costume / fist bump!


Hiro Hamada model sheet-I love the pic in the top-left corner,it's like he's talking to his crush or something cute like that.


Dive into the art of Ryan Lang, visual Development Artist at Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios in Burbank, including concept art for Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero

Bad dream

Bad dream

well, Tadashi, how about NO this two will be the death of me (forgiive meee, I just had to put down all my Tadashi feelings ; )<<<<<awwww Hiro and Tadashi had an amazing bromance

tadashi- hiro-siempre aqui

Please don't cry, Hiro. I'm crying by though AWW. When Tadashi thinks "so cute" I just.