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Dribbble - Map Pin Touched by Rally Interactive (via Ben Cline)

Map Pin Touched

skeuomorphic switch #2 by Eugene Cheporov

Switch #2

Skeuomorphic is not dead, it just needs to be photorealistic now, nbd - user interface inspiration

70th Pad GUI

Legendary retro audio devices GUI by Dmitry Mushchinskiy, via Behance

Medialoot - Free iOS 7 UI Kit

Free iOS UI Kit

Start designing iOS apps today with this comprehensive GUI kit for Photoshop. Absolutely every element you see is vector and completely editable! Update: Sept 11 2013 This kit is now based on the official release of iOS

GUI - Pioneer CDJ - 1000 MK3 by Aracama.deviantart.com

Knobs, sliders, and LCD style displays are common elements in real-world interfaces. While we have seen these types of interface elements in the real world for decades, they have also transitioned.

DJ Midi Controller by Emile Rohlandt, via Behance / mobile app dev Design