Oh my sainted aunt, this is the most amazing Dolls' House I've ever seen!

This doll house was built by Paul Cumbie in modeled exactly on the Vanderbilt mansion at 660 Ave, New York. Incidentally, I’ve just learned that the first doll house on record was.

English row house in quarter scale,  entirely in black and white. - Photo © 2014 Lesley Shepherd

What Scale Are Your Dollhouse Miniatures? How to Figure it Out.

Quarter Scale Dollhouses From the Spring 2014 Seattle Dollhouse Show: Black and White English Row House by Joane Forsstrom

Miniature Miniatures - Nell Corkin: Carpenter Gothic Cottage - 2

Miniature Miniatures - Nell Corkin: Carpenter Gothic Cottage - 2 argh no scale item in photo

Blog - The Classical Dolls' House

Now if they turned that basement into a rental unit, they could get their house for free. Yep, I'm a grownup planning her doll's financial future

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Nell Corkin Miniature Miniatures. This woman does magic with this tiny scale!

Its called UPTON ABBEY, based on downton abbey the british historical drama. I bought it from Nell last year - 2012 and it looks AMAZING, the detail is incredible

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Mark Turpin's Pine Island Miniatures are architectural replicas and doll houses that will amaze you. Custom designs furnished with miniature furnishings.