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Verdad- verdadera.

Verdad- verdadera.


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~Reminicsing my tender old days of waiting.... :)

I wonder what the person I’m going to marry is doing right now more quotes here

dont let others treat you poorly - Google Search

Don't regret knowing the people who came into your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad ones give you experience. The worst ones give you lessons and the best people give you memories ~ God is Heart

Go regret, idiot!

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it dies a slow painful death and you die with it

Anais Nin - It only dies because [when] we don't know how to replenish its source. (This reminds me of the law of attraction, that to 'replenish' love's source, we need to actively refocus on what we appreciate about another.

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I first became interested in minimalism at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed in many areas of my life. I was working full-time in a demanding job, living in a house that needed a lot of time and money spending on it and

Never too late...I love this. - Click image to find more Weddings Pinterest pins

it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. i hope you see things that startle you. i hope you feel things you never felt before. i hope you meet new people. i hope you live a life you're proud of.


President Gordon B. Hinckley, ultimate faith that all this will work out! Eyrings talk- Things will work out about President Hinckley :)

Yes I did back out of a one way parking lot without knowing it at my new job until 3 cars turned in to the parking lot and gave me not so kind looks. But to be fair to myself, the lines were not angled like Im used to in one way parking lots and ther

She should since I seen all her fb comments and all the other things I seen she did

There are three choices in relationship conflict: in, out, or wait. Regardless of where you stand, seek peace. {grace uncommon} some of the best life advice ive ever read.

To my Dad, I'm the palm tree. I so wanted to be that bold and sturdy tree but I came to understand what it truly meant: I bend, through time and trough circumstances and that's pretty awesome.


This is true in relationships and also pertains to moving, having to say goodbye to family and friends, making a career change, saying goodbye to old habits/lifestyles,etc. Be Brave enough to say goodbye and life will reward you with a new hello :)

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