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The Dickens Street Blog: Art Inspiration: {Sandra Suy} loving this art work.

"Living from my art is my greatest success" In one of my previous posts I talked about delightful illustrations created by fashion illustrator Sandra Suy. Because I simply found her artwork brilliant,.

Dibujo y Bocetos

Hats, hats, we love hats So chic, and timeless! Chanel Fashion Illustration Art Original Watercolor Painting by Lana

Hello, painters! This is Luísa and Paulo and today we're going to talk about fashion and give you some advice. Although we're not experts like Ângela (we're just being nice because it's her blog), ...

What not to wear -PMY edition

Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations, ‘Her Favourite Sundress’ Art, design, fashion illustration

i like this sketch because it seems just like a rough copy but detailed at the same time with cute blues and greens

Katie Rodger‘s fashion illustrations are always exquisite. She recently translated some of her favorite gowns seen on the runways at New York Fashion Week onto paper using watercolors, glitter and sequins.

aqui cocinando como una chef

So me in the kitchen! Cracks Will up to see me cooking in heels a dress and apron. I just love to look adorable cooking.

Inslee By Design Illustrations www.inslee.net

I love this illustration by Inslee Haynes. I think I may need to get it for the girls. blonde + brunette (print) in my room or closet this would be perfect

Fashion illustration by René Gruau

René Gruau February 1909 – 31 March was a renowned fashion illustrator whose exaggerated portrayal of fashion design through painting has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry .

Pierre #Balmain original sketch for a ball dress in printed silk chiffon with train in pink silk charmeuse, tied with a black ribbon

Balmain evening gown illustration, Okay so I've been watching so much YOU that I saw the swept back light hair and thought it was Viktor without really looking. Wedding dress vitya art it is.

This sweet couple behind a polka-dot umbrella is the perfect print for your gallery wall! Art print created with museum quality fade resistant Savoy Cotton archival paper and ink.