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In Cabo San Lucas you can adopt a baby sea turtle and release it into the ocean. They had me at sea turtle.

Albino turtle. Mom will like this.

Albino Turtle - what a cute little bugger. Life must be hard for one that doesn't blend in with its natural surroundings.

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Apple Turtle - Worth1000 Contests

Apple Turtle, in the Asian culture turtles are believed to bring good luck.

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Have tagged sea turtles in Tortuguero Costa Rica as a volunteer with the Caribbean Conservation Corporation at the Archie Carr Research Station in Tortuguero.: Playa Ostional Tortugas, Co

Sleeping turtle

I used to own these sweet little guys when I was a kid and I absolutely loved them. They got too big and I had to release them into a local pond, but I enjoyed having them as pets. =) How adorable!