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Full value scale rendering of cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres

For the month of September I’m taking part in Pencil Kings Shading Drawing Challenge, with instruction from the lovely Diane Kraus.

Composition Hierarchy For Painting, Photography and Drawing. Find out why your composition seems lacking. Features 7 tips and tricks.

The Composition Hierarchy (One other rule I try to live by is to preserve some white space of the paper, canvas, fabric, whatever, even if only a tiny area.

Light and shadows

How to do shadows, form poster. great for teaching value and shading geometric forms in art lessons Chiaroscuro

Imagine Art!: How to draw 3D shapes

Here is a tutorial I made on how to draw and shade shapes- A Cone, A Cylinder, a Sphere and a Cube. Anyone is welcome to use it to learn how to draw for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Viola! Here are value, hue, tint, and shade  visually defined in this wonderfully succinct scaled explanation!

Here are value, hue, tint, and shade visually defined in this wonderfully succinct scaled explanation!- colour has value

How to Draw Fabric Folds Tutorial by Barbara Bradley

Drawing folds tutorial (I learned how to draw fabric when I was in Art college). I never had experienc drawing but took class. Guess what. Now I am an artist.

Composition by Kali Ciesemier. Sub lesson. Read, draw two quick pics one w/good composition one bad, pass to neighbor, must identify which is good and bad and explain why. Prize for most creative composition and best explanation.

Basics forms rendered with copic marker --- creating shadows to different sides of the shapes --- giving them depth from to

#Color Theory by monica.olveracarbajal

Use the colour wheel as the basis for a single colourfull illuration that could be tessellated across the wrapping paper? color theory chart - beautifully simply way to learn this (plus the fact that I suck at combining colors LOL!

A brief summary of the principles of perspective drawing. I've adapted this from the much more in-depth section of "Mastering Manga," in which I devote . Intro to Perspective: and 3 Point