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Clematis Rebecca ~ Height: Vine 6-8'   Bloom Time: Spring to Early Summer   Sun-Shade to Full Sun   Zones: 4-10                                                                                                                                                     Más
Romantika Clematis - my love for these almost black flowers continues... growing ends wrap around anything 1/2" or less
Malva loca.
Patricia Ann Fretwell Clematis | Clematis | Vines | Shrubs & Trees | Jung Garden and Flower Seed Company
Clematis 'Scartho Gem'.  Bouyant pink blooms with a darker central bar and light toned, slightly waved edges stand out wonderfully in the garden. Harmonizing red-pink anthers are held above a light center. Compact grower suitable for border, specimen, or container. Free-flowering English hybrid grown by Walter Pennell and named for his nursery. Size: 8' tall. Bloom time: Late spring to early summer and late summer.. Plant zones: 4-9.   PRUNE GROUP 2
Clematis Lunar Lass
Clematis 'Miss Bateman' - 'Miss Bateman' is a free-flowering, medium-sized compact but vigorous deciduous climber. Single rounded flowers to 15cm in width are satin-white with 6-8 tepals having a central green stripe on the reverse and contrasting stamens of creamy filaments and dark red anthers. Flowers late spring to early summer.