want to get one of these shelves from ikea and paint it for makeup storage

DIY: 25 Tips For Storing Your Makeup- I am not a total make-up person, but I would totally use these Technics to store my scrapbook supplies.

Craft table

Video: Makeup Vanity and Storage

Ikea drawers for makeup storage// I WILL have a vanity in my future home. Just make that a "walk-in closet" room with a vanity & all kinds of goodies.

Top 10 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Top 10 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas


Makeup storage- like the use of small shelves, could mount on the wall adjacent to the sink where a medicine cabinet is lacking.

my makeup storage

my makeup storage

Paint my storage  #designschooled #shawcontractgroup

Storing makeup can be tedious. I'm sure some of you have a "makeup drawer" or a bag filled with your favorite items. Of course when you pu.