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old scroll: once in awhile right in the middle of an ordinary life love gives us a fairy tale

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I can't drown my demons they know how to swim- Bring Me The Horizon Can You Feel My Heart Lyrics

So true

Piccsy :: Completely Stupid

I am Not Okay – How to Help a Loved One through Depression by Lee | SimpLee Serene

Best friend quotes and sayings, friendship is one of the most beautiful thing in life, so we share the best friendship quotes for you!

Hope is the little voice of you hear whisper

Hope is the little voice you hear whisper "maybe" when it seems the entire world is shouting "no" / Wisdom / Words to Live By

seeing guys play with little kids is probably one of the most attractive things ever   :)

Thought of my boys when I read this. Playing with their own kids or nieces/nephew. The apple didn't fall far from the tree on how they love kids! Love watching them play!

that's really weird to think about because I think about it and it's like..no that's impossible I don't mean that much to anyone. But then I think about the person who makes me smile, and they probably think the same thing about themself. weird.

You are somebody's reason to smile. - please remember this! You -are- my reason to smile. Even at 3 am when you may feel grumpy and harassed, getting ready for a new day. She just wags, more than smiles!

Only if you vow to love me when I'm 43 and still shop at Forever 21 ;)

When you're 45 and still playing XBOX, I'll be sitting next to you.But will need to say PLAYSTATION instead of XBOX