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A winfow sill, a book, a cuppa, a cat. The only thing missing is a little curly haired toddler playing next to me.

"La lectura, como el amor, es la piedra ideal para afinar el alma" Las aventuras de un libro vagabundo ,Paul Desalmand - Ilustración de Kim Parkhurst

cozy night - Toadbriar -Kim Parkhurst A gentle snow, warm blanket, hot tea, good book.and a purring cat by your side. It doesn't get better unless it's 2 cats, and a dog or two.

Not wholly unlike my room when I was little... https://www.facebook.com/CrescentDragonwagonFearlessly

Sleeping with the books / Durmiendo con los libros (ilustraci& de Claire Fletcher) - pretty much what my room looked like.


Pinzellades al món: Il·lustracions de Katarzyna Oronska: llibres, lectors, biblioteques i llibreries Más

Life...what a beautiful mess: 60 must read books! Warning: They WILL change your life.

The Explorer - Rebecca Campbell [illustration of a person reading a book inside a vast library while sitting on a green coach with pets a dog and a cat]