In the light of the pain and struggle many countries, many people of the world are experiencing today, i jumped at the chance of being involved with a wonderful project in support of MOAS, The Migrant Offshore Aid Station. MOAS is a charity dedicated.


This is a new screen print from my Rapunzel book. Its spread six and perfectly sums up how i felt half the time at the Bologna children’s book fair at all of my meetings…pure terror! The book fair was.

Melissa Castrillón

Melissa Castrillón

Melissa Castrillon

after the layout was figured out i then went on to developing the imagery within the design. The Art director whom i worked with, Lizzy Bromley, was amazing! She gave me some fantastically useful.


Select Sketchbooks A Select Entries from my personal sketchbooks. * All right copyright Bryce Wymer LLC

by JooHee Yoon

CREATIVITY CLUB You can make beautiful drawings with a simple naive style. This is by JooHee Yoon. The buildings are nestled within the darkness of trees, evenly spaced and yet each house is a little different creating a pattern within the image. | ...2... | Copyright Melissa Castrillon 2009

Another illustration by Melissa Castrillon, for Cheltenham illustration competition. Inspired by the true story of Sarah Henley who failed at suicide after her dress parachuted her down 225 feet.