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Mi lonchera en primaria!!!!!

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Metal Lunch Box Aladdin

The Speak and Spell toy was one of the first electronic handheld toys. As the name suggests the Speak and Spell invented by Texas Instruments was intended to be both fun and educational. It taught children how to spell.

The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Intellectual Property

Throwback Thursday: Who remembers the good ol' Speak & Spell? I don't know about you guys, this toy was kind of cool :P What was your favorite toy growing up?

Nastalgia- Strawberry Shortcake Tin Boxes. Have the lunch box.

My girls kept their crayons in a Strawberry Shortcake tin exactly like this one on top of the Strawberry Shortcake lunch box.

1980s Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and thermos.  I think I had this one!

Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and thermos. jenifaojenni Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and thermos. Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and thermos.

Vintage lunchbox. Strawberry shortcake. NICE!!

Earth Alone (Earthrise Book 1


Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Twin flat sheet

Yup had these! Vintage+Strawberry+Shortcake+Twin+flat+sheet+by+fuzzymama+on+Etsy

T_T where did those days gooooo!?!?!?

You might be a kid, if. I just had flashbacks to my childhood. I miss old school Lisa Frank. Also, my Beanie Babies aren't worth the millions I thought they were going to be.

Strawberry Shortcake & Smurf glasses. I had both of these!

Strawberry Shortcake and Smurf plastic cups. These were my favorite cups.

Toy039 "Monchhichi" by Koichi Sekiguchi from the Sekiguchi Corporation (1974) #Toy

Monchhichi Mon chi chi oh so soft and cuddily!

I forgot about this!

My mom bought me this owl math game. I forgot all about it!

I had one of these when i was little, I loved it so much. (my Monchichi!)

Monchichi monchichi, oh so soft and cuddliy? With their thumb in their mouth they're very sweet, and that's all. I loved my Monchichi it was my favorite thing when I was young I wish I still had that thing.

Our first calculator (by Texas Instruments)

The Little Professor Math game. Hated this thing because my parents always made me do the hardest level and I hated math.

Peaches n Cream Barbie( my mom kept my Barbie for my lil girl and she plays w/ it when we go visit ! )

Peaches n Cream Barbie-I almost fainted when I saw they had re-released this doll a few years ago!