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Mejorar las habilidades de lectura

Is it good for children to grow up with pets? There are many positive reasons why children should own pets. Check out ten reasons why your child should have a pet.

Can you detect pain in your #pet? Read this article for tips!

Learn here how to clean your pet´s ears. It´s essential that you clean your cat´s or dog´s ears to prevent ear infections.

How to Keep Your #Dog Active Indoors?

Keep Your Dog Active Indoors even during winter time with these games for dogs, as hoops, tunnels, indoor group dog training classes etc

The Fine Print on your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Never assume that homeowner's insurance plans cover the costs of dog bites.

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This little dreamer can't get enough of animals. Her best birthday present ever was when her parents bought her a brand new puppy. She named him "Koko" and now they're best buds! Do you have a little dreamer at home that had a special bond with a furry friend?  Share their dream with us for a chance to win a $5000 RESP.  Go to HeritageRESP.com/MyLittleDreamer  #canada #canadianbaby #canadian #prizes #contests #win #education #finance #resps #vet #future #help #community #love #kids #dreams…

You couldn’t have cared less about playing doctor with other kids, because all you wanted to do was examine your pets.

Cheer up this #dog !

Find here many reasons to adopt a pet from an animal shelter! Consider pet adoption and add a cat or dog from a shelter!

Therapy dogs

Dr Oz explained how therapy dogs can help improve the health of humans. I have a therapy dog! Some dogs that have graduated from the RPSM prison program have gone on to be Therapy dogs.

Oh my goodness!  These clinics are soooooo affordable :)  Come to Keystone Pet Place again for this month's Tuesday night Affordable Pet Vaccines Inc.® Clinic hosted at our store in Mount Joy.  Follow the link for affordable prices: http://www.keystonepetplace.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/March-2014-Affordable-Pet-Vaccines-Clinic.jpg.  Note - the prices reflect a cash discount and they don't accept checks.  Yay.

It is essential that pet owners understand what bilateral conditions are when it comes to pet health insurance.