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Falta poco

Sometimes, vertically is just not enough for a good view. Photo of Larcher as he closes 'Vint ani do' , in the

A foto de Krystle Wright permite imaginar um pouco da sensação que o saltador teve no momento do pulo (Foto: Krystle Wright/Caters News)

Fotógrafa se especializa em registrar saltos radicais que desafiam a morte

Panoramic photo of a BASE jump - Source: Krystle Wright / Caters News Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia FUN!

Steep climbing and Patagonian weather on Pilar del Sol Naciente. [Photo] Jerome Sullivan

Sheer Ice Walls, Insane Rock Drops and Vertical Descents – Just Looking At This Gallery Will Give You Vertigo

WOW!  To be able to do that would be fantastic, but I am not young enough or daring enough.

Can I just be this guy, It looks so fun! Extreme sports adventure snowboarding in Colorado

Ice climbing  wonder what he'll find at the top

Ice tunnel created by melting snow and ice that went all the way through the glacier to rock below. The glacier is Bøverbreen, a small arm of Smørstabbreen in Jotunheimen, Norway.

♂ Extreme sports adventure Extreme off-piste skiing in pictures - Telegraph

Adventurous skiers and snowboarders tackle some of the world's most fearsome slopes.

Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013: The Oscars of Action Sports Photography

Skiing Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Photograph by Eric Berger, Red Bull Illume! that is the most epic photo ever !

Discover and Share unique photos to many social networks via sharetomany.com. Me soon I believe I can fly

This is probably one of the most basic and common things on a bucket list. I really want to go skydiving. To have my adrenaline pumping as I jump out of the plane, to the serenity of falling in peace. Sky diving is a must before I die.

Trio play gig hanging from a wire 1,000ft above a French gorge ( http://english.sina.com/world/p/2013/0529/594844.html ) I want to do this SOOO bad!!!

LOL, nope (18 photos)

Suspended Hanging Hammocks - This 'Ticket to the Moon' Double Hammock Lets You Relax in the Air (GALLERY)