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Traditional handmade lanterns are biodegradable and come in many colors; choose from sky, water, or hanging lanterns

Poznan, Poland... The celebration is for first day of Summer, so the Summer Solstice in polish town of Poznan.

Twinkle twinkle little Chinese lanterns: 8,000 flying candles released on shortest night of the year

Noc Kupały - Lampiony Poznań 2011 - rekord Polski- floating lanterns released over a city. Very pretty.

A kívánság lampion minden ünnep fényét és meghittségét emeli, legyen szó eljegyzésről, születésnapról, esküvőről, megnyitóról vagy akár céges rendezvényről. A lampion reptetése tartalmas és felejthetetlen családi program kicsiknek és nagyoknak egyaránt. Házhoz szállítás az ország bármely pontjára, akár 1. nap alatt is. www.latvanypont.hupont.hu Telefon: (30) 863-0775 KÉRLEK, OSZD MEG!

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There were so many lovely images from today's New Year's styled shoot, that we had to include two posts! I soooo love the idea of a glittery New Year's Eve

Midsummer Kupala Night in Poland - Also known as St. John's Eve is one of the most joyous celebrations of fire, water, the sun & the moon, fertility and love. It is believed to be a time when people fall in love. Young girls make wreaths of flowers & herbs and float them out onto the river, boys would try to catch them on the other side. As well as this, thousands upon thousands of lanterns are released into the sky.

Midsummer Kupala Night, Poland… or a scene from Tangled ;

El Espíritu del Fuego - San Juan 2013, La Coruña

Slide Show, Este Video, Santos, The Spirit, Hu Ge, Slideshow Presentation

White tinkle lights look amazing!

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Pingxi, Taiwan

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Pingxi, Taiwan


Solstice Lanterns, Noc Kupaly :: Poznan, Poland on St. John's Night - its a real-life Tangled

Traditional Valpurgis day fire at Malingsbo, Dalarna! FIRE!!!

Traditional Valpurgis day fire at Malingsbo, Dalarna!

Floße voller Sünden und Sorgen:Thailand feiert Lichterfest "Loi Krathong"

Two airports in northern Thailand said Wednesday that nearly 150 flights will be canceled or rescheduled during a three-day festival next week when reveler

Such a cute idea~

Lollipops & Paper: TEEN PARTY: Neon / Glow in the Dark Sweet 16

Every year, on the first day of astronomical summer, there are thousands of people gathering at the river of Warta in western polish city of Poznan, to celebrate and share this meaningful momment. Its importance and joy is expressed by lanterns flying into the sky. (There are lots of other beautiful pictures about. Go & see!)

Wow that's alot of sky lanterns. White lanterns are popular for remembrance events because you can write your wish or message on them.

Shivers of Delight: St. John's Eve

St. John's Eve

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