Christi du Toit

The 'Geskulled' Theory is a personal, visual study by Christi du Toit which illustrates the principles of the Gestalt Theory using the theme of skulls.

"Skull, Bones, Roses and Wolf King" by Damian Dideńko, Illustrator;

We would like to share the latest work from Christi du Toit with his The Lost & Found illustrative series on Abduzeedo.

"The Lost & Found" is an ongoing compilation of illustrations created either as personal pieces, smaller client projects, rejected concepts,…

thefirstpaganking: “ Illustration of a Diamond Python, Morelia spilota spilota, by an unknown artist associated with Port Jackson Painter. ” In almost every culture, the snake or serpent has been.

Bonfire party by tohdaryl

More snapshots of my OCs Gabe and Amon on their bromantic road trip.

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El hombre y el maguey by Julian Ardila

Illustration showcase to spark your creativity this weekend