"You can beat this, Dean" // [gifset] 10x12 About A Boy #SPN #Dean #Sam // Sammy believes in you, why can't you believe in yourself Dean? // Awww Sammy you melt me heart!

I imagine Sam going into a speech about all the things they've over come: "We got past Yellow Eyes, Lucifer & Michael. We beat the freaking apocalypse, Dean!

It scares me sometimes.

It scares me sometimes. Devil's Trap I wish they had explored this more. Dean could be something terrifying of that's what needed to happen to save his family. Well, that Dean, Dean now is so different.

"And now Sam basically told Dean they're not brothers anymore and I can't even imagine how much that hurt Dean."

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[gifset] Everyone leaves you Dean, you notice? - No wonder Dean can't let go of Sam, besides being the big brother- the protecter, he has deep abandonment issues.

[gifset] SPN head writer Sera Gamble, DVD commentary #SPN #Dean #Jensen--- what ep is this? (Is it one of the times he punches sam?)

When the Levee Breaks [gifset] - SPN head writer Sera Gamble, DVD commentary - Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles

he is right in some ways dean....but that`s just the way it is.....

Dean tears, the prettiest yet most heartbreaking tears you'll ever see.

Supernatural - Dean & his dad, John....breaks my heart. this scene still makes me cry :(

Supernatural - Dean & his dad, John.breaks my heart. this scene still makes me cry :(<<< I especially like the fact that john is actually possessed by azazel in this scene and the only reason dean knew was because he was to nice to be his dad.

(One of) The scene that broke both Dean and fandom's heart. [gifset] The Executioner's Song #SPN #Dean #Cain

Cain: And then! Then would come the murder you'd never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as a much of a savage as it did me. Dean: No. Cain: Your brother, Sam. "The Executioner's Song"