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Noticias al momento: Pasajeros de un avión vivieron momentos de pánico

Passengers evacuate US Airways Flight 1702 in Philadelphia after the pilot was forced to abort takeoff when a tyre on the plane's front landing gear blew out

The wings are beautiful on the 787 #AvGeeks #AvGeek #Aviation ---> pic.twitter.com/hiSauG6eFT

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“The wings are beautiful on the 787 --->”

Perché se c'è un'emergenza si dà il segnale «mayday» (e maggio non c'entra nulla)? Quante volte l'abbiamo sentito, fortunatamente al cinema (e non dal vivo, si spera)? «Mayday, mayday», pronunciato con ansia per dire che c'è un'emergenza ed è molto seria. Ma da dove viene l'espress

Perché se c'è un'emergenza si dà il segnale «mayday» (e maggio non c'entra nulla)?

Banned Air Crash Investigation Mayday Final Hour of Flight 11 Aircrash Confidential Mystery

Flight 191 doesn’t refer to a specific crash but to incidents that have plagued a range of flights numbered 191. In fact, there have been so many catastrophes that, much like hotel owners who refuse to have a 13th floor, some superstitious airlines have completely done away with the number “191.” Since the 1960s, five flights with the number “191″ have ended in fatal crashes, including the worst aircraft disaster in American history: American Airlines Flight 191.

the deadliest aviation accident in United States history

NEW JERSEY 31 July 1997 - FedEx Flight 14 crashed during landing at Newark International Airport. The pilot was unable to slow down the descent of the aircraft, and it bounced and rolled on the runway, eventually coming to rest on its back and catching fire. All 5 on board survived.

1997 ♦ July 31 – FedEx Express Flight a McDonnell Douglas crashes upon landing at Newark Liberty International Airport; the two crew members and three passengers escape uninjured.

Continental Airlines Boeing 737 Crash Photo From Denver

Continental Airlines Boeing 737 Crash Photo From Denver.Our brave Flight Attendants evacuated ALL the passengers and got everyone out safe. The Captain stayed til everyone was out of the aircraft.

Bus carrying cabin crew crashes into plane after driver fell asleep

Bus carrying cabin crew crashes into plane after driver fell asleep

The Jet Airways bus driver told investigators he was working a night shift when he dozed off and the shuttle bus crashed into the right wing of an Air India plane that was being prepared for departure.

Na década de 1960, a região de Araçatuba era a Meca dos contrabandistas da região noroeste. Existiam cerca de 90 campos de pouso clandestinos, quase todos dedicados ao contrabando de uísque e cigarros do Paraguai. A atividade era aceita como norma. Essa rotina ilegal, mas tranquila, foi abalada por um espetacular incidente, pouco antes do amanhecer do dia 2 de agosto de 1969, um sábado: na pista da Fazenda Lemos um quadrimotor Lockheed L749 Constellation se acidentou durante a decolagem

Crash of Lockheed Constellation at Aracatuba

Aviations & Diverts

Aviations & Diverts

Whoops, sorry, my bad.  Forgot to look in the rear view mirror before reversing!

I was at MSP when this happened. Hydraulic failure on the CA injured and a huge fuel leak from Could have been worse.

Water Landings: Japan Airlines Flight 350 (1982). Crashed in Tokyo Bay. Deliberate crash by co-pilot. Deaths 24.

Bizarre Plane Crashes: Mentally ill pilot put the engines into reverse. After a struggle. It crashed into the water.

1987- PHILIPPINE AIRLINES AIRBUS OVERSHOOTS THE RUNWAY; Nobody was injured among 135 passengers and crewmen on board.

A Philippine Airlines Airbus plane lies near the service road of a highway south of Manila after it overshot the runway, September 1987 in Manila upon landing from Singapore. Nobody was injured among 135 passengers and crewmen on board.

Weird Car Crashes. Part 2  Izismile.com - On 17 July 2007, an Embraer ERJ-190 aircraft with the registration HK-4455, operating as AeroRepública Flight 7330, overshot the runway at Simón Bolívar International Airport in Santa Marta, Colombia, went down an embankment and came to rest with its nose in the ocean. There were no fatalities. Due to the extensive damage, the aircraft was written off.

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korean air cargo plane- maybe too much junk in the trunk...

Airline and Military Aircraft Mishap Crash and Accident Pictures and Images Airplanes & Flight.

Photo of Boeing 737-8BK (WL) 9Y-PBM - Aviation Safety Network

Photo of Boeing (WL) - Aviation Safety Network