Circus Hagenbeck 1912

vintage everyday: Interesting Old Pictures of Circus in Netherlands from between to

Circus side -show The Living Skeleton

Female living skeletons weren't as common as males, probably because they couldn't show as much of their figure. that people paid to see this.

Ventriloquist | I have seen many a chilling stories about ventriloquists, and the old ones give me the shivers--like these two!

Meet Some Mad Ventriloquists Again

16 Real Life Side Show Workers That Probably Inspired "American Horror Story: Freak Show"

Mignon the Penguin Girl and Earl Davis the Frog Boy

Mickey Mignon, "The Penguin Lady" and her husband, Earl Davis, "Hoppy The Frog Boy" married in 1950 after years of success on the sideshow circuit.

This is a cool photo... but why are the clowns in the front row the only ones with facepaint? XD

Rare Photos Of What The Circus Looked Like Nearly A Century Ago

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Charlie Keith, famous clown and circus owner, constructed and patented the first portable circus building.