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Antología de payasos, familia de payasos

Vintage Circus Freak Clowns - No, this is not a tour photo for the Insane Clown Posse, though these circus performers do look more like a bloodthirsty gang than a merry group of family entertainers.

"1920s ballerina atop a high building." - (re-pinned from alumna Mariah Cheyenne)

Lina Basquette - 1926 - Dancer and musical comedy star, rehearsing new steps for an upcoming production on a ledge of the roof of the Hotel Commodore, twenty-eight stories above Street, New York.

Joseph Rock - Skeleton dancer, Choni (Jone, 卓尼), 1925

Post with 46 votes and 3700 views. A Tibetan skeleton dancer, taken in 1925 by Joseph Rock.

Costume makeup

Halloween-Make-up-Simple Halloween Idea, I could do this make up and be a fem-bot with a pretty dress (like in Austin Powers)

Johnny Eck (1911-1991) was born with sacral agenesis and had no legs. He had a twin brother Robert, seen here.  He walked on his hands and had such a strong upper body he could do a one-armed handstand.  The brothers joined the sideshow at age 12.  They started in a magician's act where Robert was 'sawed in half' and Johnny jumped up and ran about, which was a great hit even though it left some running for the exit.  The brothers never married and retired together in a home in Baltimore.

johnny eck born with sacral agenesis and had no legs, pictured with his twin brother robert. the brothers joined the sideshow at age they started in a magician's act where robert was 'sawed in half' and johnny jumped up and ran about

This is a cool photo... but why are the clowns in the front row the only ones with facepaint? XD

Rare Photos Of What The Circus Looked Like Nearly A Century Ago