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Definitely going to get this one day!! In Biotech

I only have four more days of high school and my journey for college begins! I can't wait to graduate from my future school. I hope to complete college at Northern Arizona University and graduate with my bachelor's in Psychology.

My Bucket list starts here ! :)

drive in movie theater is one of my favorite things to do on a summer night:)

Check!!!! Had our youngest "find" my ring at the top of a finished sand castle they had built.

I did an adorable proposal had my fiancee crying out and smiling :D can't wait to marry that girl

One day I'm going to - learn how to tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue. Check ;)

learn how to tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue, ever sins I saw that episode of drake and josh

CHECK √  In Puerto Vallarta

Interests- I really want to go zip lining because I've always had a sense of adventure in me. I want to experience things that make my blood pump faster and make my brain jump with excitement, such as zip lining.

Horseback riding for the weekend every October with Tanya when we were younger!

I've always wanted to go horseback riding with the love of my life.I have the love of my life, now where are those horses?