Das Digital Erhabene (TU Berlin)

MyDesy 淘靈感

A single colour halftone image in Black Ink (with halftone dots visible). -Only black ink is in this image, with halftone dots being large and visible


An international group of graphic designers have recently responded to Braun Design’s inherent systematicity by creating a poster for the ''Systems'' exhibition curated by das program, produced in association with Braun.

joriswegner IID Talks II

the dashes create a bumpy texture in the design even though it is flat. the design has a good use of tromp l'oeil


Printed Graphic Design Portfolio Example - Alper Yildirim i really love the folded aspect of this portfolio!

British Columbia Film Logo and Identity // I'd like to work for them just so I can have one of these business cards. Is that wrong? Pink, please.

Graphic Design graphic design Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center Logo and Identity poster British Columbia Film Logo and Identity

Why do you like it? It's a great concept/design. The layer upon layer seems to give a three dimensional look to the design. What, if any emotion does the design evoke? The design seems to evoke a feeling of simplicity but when you study it, the design is more complicated as the deeper you dive in the more complicated it gets.

International Year of Chemistry-Graphic designer and illustrator Simon C. Page produced a series of beautiful posters inspired by chemists and their contributions to humankind - I feel like my hours spent on chemistry require me to like this.

typo/graphic posters

typo/graphic posters

sarp sozdinler (b.1989, izmir) is a graphic designer and lecturer of typography based in istanbul, and a roaming artist under the alias of brother boris . moving on from computer engineering, he switched to vienna university of fine arts / die angewandte and mimar sinan university of fine arts in order to study at design school. having worked in belgium, italy, and austria, with studios like base design, bülent erkmen, vtwob, future anectodes and mat design / mehmet ali türkmen, he ...

meczup: westend fotoschule, end of the year show by sarp sozdinler - typo/graphic posters

Geometric Exercises - Graphic Poster Design by Sebastián Correa by glenfiddichgal

A minimalist graphic poster series of geometric exercises by Sebastián Correa, a visual artist and graphic designer from Buenos Aires,

Selected posters/Carteles Seleccionados | BICeBé Bolivia

The image of a man playing the trumpet is subordinate under it's semblance of an "R" in the type.