This would be funny if Thor actually had a stunt double. Thor is a god and doesn't need peasants to stunt for him! *sob* its like my whole life is a lieeeeee - Crafted from the finest Internets.

Don't Call Us. We Won't Call You, Either...

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~He says it so much in the show that we almost get sick of it, how do you think he would feel having done that for years?~

Okay but imagine foggy and Karen watching avatar the last airbender and Matt always shouts the blind jokes obnoxiously and foggy is just "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN THEYRE COMING"


Tony hypes everyone on the team but himself. For the most arrogant guy ever (Stark Expo?) he gets that this is a team effort. Which says a lot about why it's Caprain America: Civil War

Hayley Atwell commenting on the Dubsmash war (which you should watch if you haven't yet)

Hayley on recording the Dubsmash war. Just because she hated losing she flew across the country to her Chris Evans nd he loved her nd he helped.

He's admiring himself

more like the way Tony Stark looks at Tony Stark because we all know he basically plays himself in the movies<<>> Truth<<<yup

.Love this scene!

Classic Deadpool - Trailer Released>>>I can't wait until the movie comes out, I already have a countdown

"What the fudgeballs?"

If Drax the destroyer was there he would have been like "Ha! he wielded your mighty hammer! You must be so embarrass!