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Felt super bad for them, it looked like they were super disappointed. They worked so hard. I thought at less some of them would like it. I like to eat bitter stuff maybe they would be happy to know that I would eat what they made. But then there wouldn't be the Chanyeol searing the meat part, that was nice to watch too. They're all super talented boys.

you would get this if you watched exo showtime pt.

EXO fanart By .duckhymne

I guess this is how Taohun started~ Thanks to my friend *Siu* for all the infos about Taohun, lol ;

Dino Chen and Kitty Xiumin and... Baekhyun the Squirrel?

Dino Chen and Kitty Xiumin and. Baekhyun the Squirrel?

This was totally me XD

Haha this is both me and my friend. Except we are both the ones that need to calm down!

Chanyeol EXO

Exo Fanart [Part 4]

Exo versão anime ~

EXO fanart kai d.o tao sehun suho kris lay baekhyun chanyeol luhan chen xiumin art makes them look like harvest moon characters!

Kris, Do, Xiumin, Chanyeol, Chen, Suho, Kai, Lay, Tao, Sehun, Luhan, Baekhyun

Adorable exo fan art - you know K-pop has taken over your life when you can tell which one is who