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French Aemée de l'Air Dassault Super Mystère of EC Cornouaille, with appealing aluminium finish. Could mostly be seen flying from Base Aérienne Cambrai-Epinoy. Was also used by Israeli Air Force.

En 1951, le MD 452 Mystère II effectuait son premier vol à Istres avec Constantin "Kostia" Rozanoff aux commandes.

the MD 452 Mystère II made its first flight in Istres with “Kostia” Rozanoff at controls.

Breuget Br.1050 Alizé ASW aircraft of French Marine Nationale air arm Aeronavale. 75 delivered to Marine Nationale & another 12 to the Indian Navy. Powered by Rolls Royce Dart contra rotating turboprops. Roughly comparable with the Royal Navy's Fairey Gannet, but of course that bit more elegant.

Breuget Alizé ASW aircraft of French Marine Nationale air arm…

Model 1-G VTOL, 1952

Bell in level flight. The original military designation was classifying it as ahelicopter, but its designation was changed to the convertiplane series. The designation was changed once again in 1962 to when the V-prefix was changed to mean VTOL.

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british-eevee: “French Vantour II bombers in flight ”