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Are you serious? That's ridiculous. My dog is a girl but it REALLY DOESNT MATTER BC 1. She's a friggin' DOG. 2. She isn't gonna tell me what COLOR she likes/dislikes. If she doesn't like something she'll let me know by trying to take it off. I'm not gonna decide for her what she does/doesn't like.

My aunt's (boy) dog loves wearing ribbons in his ears. WHen he goes to the doggy palour, he refuses to let anyone take the ribbons out and they will sit in his glorious mane for weeks, even moths, at a time.

New York Please

I don't hate where I live. I don't hate most of the people. But I'm so ready to get out there and live. And today I found out I got my apartment!

This is so true. Respect my boundaries and I'll come to you on my own bc I trust you more

can't go to my parents for anything like that because of that very reason so please just respect your kids' privacy

Stop The Bullshit 2017.

19 Responses To Sexist Bullshit That'll Give You At Least A Moment Of Relief

Stop The Bullshit 2017.