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'Practice like a champion' (Act like a champion) motivational quote printable from Keeping It Crafty: Motivational/Inspirational Quote Printables

I need to take this advice and keep it in mind. As humans, we have a way of idealizing a situation to what we want it to be as opposed to what it really is.

See it for What it is, Not what you Want it to be.<■>]<■> I See it the Way GOD, has Directed me Clearly to See it, as he Clearly wants me to Earn it ~~~ <■>]<■> <¤>]<■> <▪>]<▪> <¤>]<■>

Se non puoi essere............ quotes citazioni frasi pensieri snoopy

it is useless to have the turtle on his stomach, when you head into a hamster in a guarded prognosis

This Week's Quote: Wise Words for the New Year

This Week's Quote: Wise Words for the New Year

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