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every color cake

Try rainbow foods if you hesitate which color your next delicious desserts should be. Use all bright colors. These 36 desserts are very pretty and yummy.

this is the kind of party i wish i'd thought of myself... so many places to go with it.  and this cake is awesome!

A is for Alec-ABC 1st Birthday

Rainbow baby block cake - this one was for a birthday party. Use baby's first initials. Rainbow cake for the less ambitious.

Birthday cake - @Holland Arnold you need to make this for me..lol mcgeechels

Super Hero Cake - just in case I have a boy or Virginia wants a super hero birthday party.

18 Cool Birthday Cakes That Will Make Kids Squeal

Gallery of Fame: 'Look at Me!' Art Work

Sweet layer cake with all the colors of the rainbow and a hidden heart surprise inside

Super cute! Cake Cones with Cotton Candy Macarons  ~le pop shop via @amyatlas

Creative Macarons {Great Find}


CHECKERED RAINBOW CAKE recipe Hat - let's do it.this visit home is going to be full of cake baking, with a daily trip to the gym to try and keep some of it off the hips!


I wouldn't need the whole cake but the middle later with a for Ava and do one for Audrey with a would be awesome! :) - Kiddos at Home

Alternative to rainbow cake, rainbow icing!

How To Decorate Cakes Like A Boss

Colorful Gummy Bear Layer Cake - I just have to share this! Gummy bear all over a cake . This can really be an addiction so if you have kids at home, keep it out of their reach!

Cute for a baby shower! baby-girl-shower-ideas design

cute as a button cake- LOVE this for a baby shower! i think a baby shower with a button theme would be cute

U-naWang 【关于蛋糕的一切】

bright and beautiful layer cake . luv this interpretation of the Rainbow Cake . not rainbow order, but the colors are there . thick frosting oozes out between layers .

Rainbow cupcake - step by step - very well explained and easy to follow.

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

birthday cupcake!

20 Fun Earth Day Ideas 20 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under 3 dollars Rainbow Party: Rainbow cupcakes! Rainbow Party table Rainbow P.