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Don't care if this wasn't in the book for once when I usually hate it when they do. But this is amazingly funny!

hahaha so true. one of the rare times that I liked something that wasn't in the book. Boom go Four/ Tobias(I like Tobias more )

Yeah. . . Can we not bring that up so i don't turn into a burrito of sadness

The whole book is a quagmire of faux-science nonsense about genetics. listless, anti-climactic, and you really get the sense that Roth know where she was going with the story. Also, Tris dies in a deeply unsatisfying, unnecessary way.

Except for one thing... Tobias admits in the books that he doesn't think tris is pretty.

MY NEW FAVORITE THING. " logic is astounding" is my new favorite thing. This relates to of what he does in the series omg.

I shall say this to my science teacher when I fail my science benchmark test on Tuesday. TAKE THAT MR. DOB-IN-SKY!!!! HA HA!!!!!!!!

Teacher: I'm afraid you failed your science te- Me: The test. Work on me. I'm Divergent and I can't be controlled. *jumps out window*