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the awkward moment when you miscalculate the bubble to bath ratio and you lose your wife

Fungus...so unusual...

Herrania sp, Sterculiaceae ~ the Wild Cocoa plant. It's a prime example of the botanical term 'Cauliflory', where the tree wastes no energy producing branches, but shoots the flowers out of its trunk.

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-) Abrus seed pod: & of the components of this seed is one of the most toxic substances in nature. By Sylvan Dieckmann

fiddleheads and pom poms in water with moss and rocks

Turn a wine bottle into a mini terrarium. Here's a how-to on cutting the bottle. Love the fiddlehead ferns! Found on Wedding Bee.

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Titan Arum or 'Corpse Flower' by Michael Rothbart: Paul Berry, director of the UW-Madison Herbarium, stands next to a Titan Arum or "corpse flower"which is just 7' tall. It is named for its smell which is similar to that of a dead animal. http://www.news.wisc.edu/titanarum2001/index.htm The specimen at the U.S. Botanical Garden is expected to bloom imminently for the first time ever. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/16/when-will-dc-corpse-flower-bloom_n_3606797.html  #Flower…

Titan Arum or 'Corpse Flower' by Michael Rothbart: Paul Berry, director of the…


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