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home remedies for osteoporosis - the main consequence of osteoporosis is the increased risk of bone fractures. During the later stages it can lead to back pain, loss of height, a stooped posture and limited mobility.

If a bone density scan has indicated you are in danger of osteoporosis, research reveals that an effective strategy is increasing dietary vitamin D and calcium or taking vitamin D and calcium combination supplements. For

Calcium and Vitamin D Combination to Reduce Osteoporosis Risk

Understanding Osteoporosis anatomy poster shows anterior, lateral and posterior views of the skeletal system.

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Bone Loss - How To Slow, Stop and Even Reverse It Naturally

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that affects some nine million Americans. The condition occurs when an individual loses an excessive amount of bone mass or density, doesn’t produce bone mass, or both. This makes the bones extremely weak and sometimes prone to breaking.  Even the most simple activities or movements can lead to broken...

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