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Photo by Bruce Laurance - 1971 Woody Allen and actress Tamara ,Cleopatra Jones, Dobson near the Street Bridge, New York.

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Woody Allen, directing his own serve,CUT, that's a wrap. lol Annie Hall had a tennis match didn't it?

Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson) and Woody Allen.

Another photo showing Woody Allen and Tamara Dobson as they face Bruce Laurance’s camera during a promotional photo assignment for Harper’s Bazaar, in New York, in Used with permission from Bruce Laurance.

Photo : Mary Ellen Mark - Woody Allen sur son balcon à New York - 1979

Hommage à Mary Ellen Mark

Old Brown Shoe.

I think this photo is so interesting because Woody Allen in my opinion is the quintessential New Yorker and "The New Yorker" is the quintessential NY read. so to have the "New Yorker" building in the background of a Woody Allen picture is quite fitting

Annie Hall (1977) by Woody Allen with Diane Keaton, Woody Allen...


Woody Allen on the set of Annie Hall with Jonathan Munk, who played the young Alvy (1977).

Talking to a young Alvy Singer. Jonathan Munk, pictured above, and his brother have both played a young Woody Allen in their short acting careers. Jonathan in Annie Hall and Robert in Stardust Memories.